The main objectives of PHEPSA are:

  • maintaining, protecting, promoting, advancing and co-ordinating the interests of its members as private nursing education institutions

  • acting as a forum which will facilitate effective liaison and negotiation with the Department of Education; the Department of Health; other state departments and organs of state; the South African Nursing Council (SANC); private health and hospital interest groups; international nursing, health, education and training bodies and institutions and generally with all persons and institutions likely to contribute to or enhance the common interests of members of the company

  • assimilating, adding value and disseminating information regarding the provisioning of nursing education in South Africa by private nursing education providers in such a way that the activities and interests of private nursing education providers are promoted

  • promoting good conduct and best practice amongst its members as private providers of nursing education in their relationship with co-members; their stakeholders and the national and international community.

Empower excellence in Nursing education in South Africa.

PHEPSA is a NPO working to make a positive contribution to excellence in Nursing Education. This is to be achieved through collaborative partnerships that seek to engage all stakeholders in the sector. In addition PHEPSA will uplift and empower all private NEI members through skills development, research and communication.


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