PHEPSA’s Articles of Association provides for full membership and associated membership status.

Full Membership

Membership is limited to institutions who comply with all the following:

  1. the institution must be incorporated in terms of the Companies Act; and
  2. it must be provide proof of application for accreditation to SANC in terms of the Nursing Act, 2005; and
  3. it must bind itself in writing to the Code of Conduct of PHEPSA; and
  4. it must submit a tax clearance certificate of then current validity from the South African Revenue Services.

Associated Membership
Any professional, educational, business or other institution not qualifying for full membership as set out above, may apply to PHEPSA for associated membership status.  It is in the entire discretion of the directors to admit or refuse an applicant as associated member. Associated membership is subject to the following:

  1. membership is limited to legal personae;
  2. application shall be made in writing;
  3. the applicant shall bind itself in writing to the Code of Conduct of PHEPSA;
  4. membership is limited to observer status only and an associated member shall not have any voting powers in PHEPSA or any meeting of members or be entitled to participate in any manner in the running of PHEPSA’s affairs.

Prospective Members
All prospective members wishing to apply for membership are invited to obtain a copy PHEPSA’s Memorandum and Articles of Association prior to applying for membership on the prescribed application form.


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