All Nursing Education Institutions are busy with the new accreditation processes.
This page will be updated in due course.

Our members offer one or more of the following nursing learning programmes (interested parties / prospective learners are invited to contact individual members directly by referring to the list of members):

  • Enrolled Nursing Auxiliary  (regulation 2176 dated 19 November 1993)

  • Enrolled Nurse (regulation 2175 dated 19 November 1993)

  • Bridging for Enrolled Nurses leading to registration as a General Nurse / Psychiatric Nurse (regulation 683 dated 14 April 1989).

Prospective learners should note that private nursing education institutions are limited by SANC in the number of learners they are entitled to enrol annually in any nursing learning programme.  It is suggested that applications for admission should be submitted timeously and well in advance of admission dates as members often require selection tests to be taken by prospective learners.  Members also often keep waiting lists of prospective applicants due to the limitation on learner numbers and applicants might have to bide their time in gaining admission to a particular learning programme – it is thus advisable to seek early admission.




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